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Inspired by the first man’s moon landing, Apollo 20 is a perfect outdoor table football. Its presence at home or at office is subtle, fresh and elegant. Apollo 20 is both lean and stable, ideal for having fun in passionate challenges. It has a waterproof plywood playing field and metallic rod legs.


Ciclope is unique of its kind: it gives up the usual concept of “4 leg table”, adopting a truncated cone base instead. This is a great innovation, that is able to give stability and elegance to the product. The materials are resistant to external agents, making it appropriated to interior and exterior.


Capri, a special edition of Ciclope football table, is inspired by the ‘50 italian car “spiaggina” with a light blue structure, light wooden inserts and a wicker texture printed on the game table. A tribute of FAS Pendezza to Naples and its love for football tables and sea.


Cross is a contemporary football table appreciated for its essentiality, reminiscent of a classic but timeless design. A sophisticated but yet clean line is formed by the connection of legs and playing field through metal studs. The available colors of the frame match the players on the field: this is essentiality, this is what we are.


Birch plywood legs, three possibilities of color, Cross Outdoor is the football table that harmonizes with nature. An exquisite taste, the touch of natural wood and the pleasure of playing surrounded by natural elements; isn’t it a great way to create lasting memories? Cross outdoor is designed for long-term durability. Let us accompany you in the most beautiful moments.


CUBE is a linear, sturdy and versatile pool table. The elegant and squared structure becomes a refined table thanks to the addition of a top plane. FAS Pendezza has redefined the idea of a high-performance game, transforming the pool table into a refined, versatile and fun furniture. A perfect combination of functionality and Made in Italy design.


An elegant contemporary table conceals a secret inside: a billiard table. It is enough to remove the tops, divided into three pieces, and put them into retractable supports and you’re done! The supports of the table with integrated adjustable feet are strongly characterizing and recall the lines and shapes of the Cubist movement. Cubista is available in black, white and dove gray.


Dada is a modular table tennis where flexibility is the key issue. Two separate elements, joined together through the use of the net, allowing great matches to take place, as well as welcoming 16 people to sit and enjoy togetherness. A wooden playing field sustained by a white conical base and a memorable match who is waiting to be played.


Two conic bases reshape the classic representation of the table tennis, isn’t it the first purpose of great design? A revolution that comes with a functional division in two elements, transforming, in case of need, the table tennis into two distinctive tables capable of welcoming eight people each. Inspired by the Dadaism Manifesto, Dada reinterprets the classic tenets of table tennis.


Innovative shapes for a real classic: the pool table Étoile is designed to be on pointe, like a Prima Ballerina. Thin legs and round billiard holes create an elegant but yet functional piece of art. It is available with a double top which covers the playing field when not in use. Étoile brings the right amount of innovation to a professional product.


The design of the Fido table football stands out for the purity and elegance of the lines. Simple and refined in every detail: the square section legs are in continuity with the sides of the playing surface. Fido is characterized by the full-color finish: red, white or black. Practical and reliable, it is perfect for public or private spaces such as homes and offices


Flamingo is characterized by clean lines and precious details such as the angular and the turned beech wood legs. The legs are inclined in order to give more stability. The available colors are: white, anthracite and red. The colors make Flamingo a refined accessory able to adapt itself both domestic and office environments.